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Mag-Trans Corporation

An electric car that gets 170 miles per gallon?

Bob Albertson | Electric Car Inventor Local Alma, Wisconsin inventor Robert Albertson is developing a new total electric car, called the Trans-Electric Drive Car. Albertson converts a standard compact car to a total electric drive.

Trans Electric Drive
No Gears, No Belts or clutches to wear out!

image The Trans-Electric Drive is the heart of the car's drive. The Trans Electric Drive allows the Electric DC Motor to run at their most efficient RPM. The Trans-Electric Drive varies the speed from the DC motor tot he wheels by the Albertson unique variable magnetic drive that has no gears, belts or clutches to wear out.

Trans-Electric Drive Car
Robert Albertson, converts standard compact car to total electric drive!

image The Trans-Electric Drive Car will have a range of 300 miles on a single three hour charge with speeds up to 100 miles per hours. Albertson said it will use an electric motor of his design powered by four 40-pound lithium batteries about the size of suitcases. A system of his invention would recharge the batteries by capturing the energy created by road vibrations. With electricity usage costing about 1 cents per mile compared to a gasoline vehicle at $3.00 per gallon getting 20 miles per gallon comes out at 15 cents per mile. 

No hydraulic shocks or springs required!

The Trans-Electric Car will also include Mag-Ride, a Magnetic Suspension which eliminates hydraulic shocks and springs. The car rides on a magnetic suspension controlled by a computer that automatically adjusts the ride and load weight of the car.

Mag-Viber Generator
Replaces Car Generator!

The Trans-Electric Car will also include , Mag-Viber Generator which would recharge the batteries by capturing Energy created by road vibrations.

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